Tech & World/Local News

If you would like to have your technology and World news delivered directly to you rather than having to go out on the Internet and search for it yourself, then click the icon to the left to take advantage of our built-in RSS News Feed Aggregator application which will bring you Tech news and World/Local news straight to your Web browser. If you would like to select a particular Tech or World News RSS Feed to read, then click the icon at the top of the app which is labeled Reader View, then choose the desired RSS link and expand the Tech News category for those or the World News category for those selections, then select the RSS Feed and it will render the articles in the middle of your browser window.

If you have an account on this blog and would rather have your own FreshRSS news feed configuration so you can choose your own categories and RSS Feeds to view each day, then email me and provide me with a username & password that you would like to use in FreshRSS and I’ll set up your FreshRSS account. Then, you’ll be able to configure FreshRSS exactly like you want under your own FreshRSS Profile.

If you don’t see your favorite Tech news source and would like to have it added, please contact me via email and let me know, or use the Contact Us form and we’ll consider adding it for in a future update.

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