FriendOS: The Open Source Cloud-Based Operating System For Everyone

FriendOS is a very user-friendly open source operating system also known as FriendSkyOS. FriendSkyOS was the original name for this OS, but the term “Sky” has been dropped for the most part when this Your-Desktop-Any-Device operating system is referenced.

Accessing FriendOS

The FriendOS Cloud-Based operating system allows the user to access multitasking applications, communicate with friends and colleagues, and collaborate with others on projects on any device anywhere. Your computer becomes a Cloud computer accessible by you on-demand in the Cloud from anywhere on any device. The OS provides you with a collaborative Workspace from which you can multitask and collaborate with friends and coworkers using Friend’s native office suite (OnlyOffice) seamlessly compatible with MS Office, G-Suite, and other compatible Cloud services. You can securely store and transfer data all within your Web browser and away from direct access to your personal hardware and locally-stored data.

With FriendOS, you get a fully modularized, fully customizable operating system, accessible from any device turning your PC into a secure and privately Cloud-based virtual desktop anytime, anywhere.

Sneak Peek At the Workspace

I’m currently running a FriendOS Workspace from within my Brave (Chrome-based) Web browser in Full-Screen mode. The experience I have with this Cloud-based OS is truly spectacular since it offers me a seamless, multitasking workflow platform that is apart from my PC’s hardware. Take a look at my current Friend Workspace to get a better feel for the overall appearance.

My Current FriendOS Workspace


Friend Workspace

The Workspace you’re provided with FriendOS is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for your project group or your company to distribute access to applications, customize your Cloud-based service, and administer users.

Office Suite Tools

FriendOS provides you with a Workspace and full office suite that is fully compatible with MS Office, G-Suite, and other Cloud-based services. You can easily drag and drop documents between applications and your local PC desktop, which makes it simple to use in a multitasking environment online. You and your team will be able to collaborate on Word documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Conferencing applications online.

Cloud Storage

Every Workspace that comes with FriendOS is set up with available storage through your favorite providers, such as Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, and others, and these can be customized for your personal use or for your business.

Tools For Communication

The OS comes with a variety of native communication tools from text-based, to audio, and video conferencing tools as well. These tools offer the individual user of FriendOS the capability to collaborate instantly with others in conference settings online or on a schedule to support ad-hoc meetings.

Customized Technical Experience

The FriendOS developers can assist you with the software solutions that you need when you need them. With the Friend platform, the applications that you will come to rely on will be available on-demand to reach all your devices (iOS, Android, and Desktop) just in time.

Brief History of FriendOS

The Founder and CEO of FriendOS is Hogne Titlestad. Hogne developed FriendOS in 2014 after having spent several years as a developer on other projects.

Founder and CEO of FriendOS

The incentive for the development of FriendOS was to create a Cloud-based operating system that would be fully customizable, offering cutting-edge Web- and networking technologies to produce an operating system that differs from the traditional operating system in that FriendOS is fully accessible in the Cloud with the UI hardware accelerated by your Web browser of choice and accessible on any device you choose.

FriendOS’s goal is to give the user digital freedom and independence by providing a sandboxed solution on a scalable platform that breaks the traditional IT Market dependence on digitalization and the trust of 3rd parties for its data. In essence, FriendOS disrupts this market and breaks the mold seen elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about FriendOS, what it is, and what it has to offer you personally and collectively with your team or coworkers, then please watch this video which has been specially prepared to answer most of your questions.

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