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For many years I used a password manager called KeepassX. Later, I switched to its successor KeepassXC. This password manager was undeniably a great solution for storing my account passwords in a database, but everything with KeepassX and -XC was locally based and not sharable across devices on my LAN or mobile. Sure, one can export the database that KeepassX or -XC uses to a CSV file, install the application on another device, then import the CSV into a fresh install and have the identical database running separately on that device. However, the problem with this is that if you add an account on one device, then you have to add it to another instance of KeepassX or -XC running on a second device, or simply repeat the export-import process. This gets very cumbersome after a while. So, I went looking for a Cloud-based solution that I could trust to keep my account passwords safe while allowing me to access those account passwords seamlessly from any device on my LAN and from the Internet.

If you’re an individual you can elect the Personal Plan option for yourself or for your family to share up to 5 devices across your LAN. If instead, you’re a business owner, then you’ll likely want to look into the Business Plan that is available for storing your passwords for yourself as well as for your employees. But, first, let’s look at an overview of what Roboform is all about.


Roboform is a cross-platform password manager (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile) which is ranked #1 as the Password Manager that automatically logs you into your accounts while you surf the Web by remembering the usernames and passwords you use to access them. If you’re accessing a Web account for the first time, Roboform follows you while you create the account, then offers to store this information in the database associated with your account so that when you visit the site again, logging in will be as easy as a single click.

Using Roboform is extremely easy since you only have to remember your Master Password, and Roboform remembers the rest, freeing you up from having to remember all of the passwords associated with your vast number of Web accounts.

Getting started with Roboform couldn’t be easier. Roboform supports all the major Web browsers, such as Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Brave, just to name a few. Setting up Roboform for first-time use is a three-step process: (1) visit your Web browser’s add-on or extensions page, navigate to the Web Store, then search for Roboform to add it; (2) Sign-up for an account or Login to Roboform; and (3) Pin Roboform to the menu bar on your Web browser. You can download and install Roboform from this link on Roboform’s website.

Some of the key features of Roboform (extension only) are:

  • Automatically login to your Web Accounts with a single click
  • Automatically save new passwords when you log into Websites for the first time or when changing passwords
  • Easily handle multi-step login processes with Roboform’s “Matching Logins” feature
  • View and Edit your Logins, Bookmarks, Identites, and SafeNotes
  • Securely save your Roboform data to your Roboform account
  • Sync your Roboform data with multiple computers and mobile devices
  • Fill in Web forms with a single click
  • Generate Website-tailored strong passwords using Roboform’s built-in Password Generator
  • Easily and quickly search for your login accounts using the built-in Search capability offered in Roboform

Some additional features available in the Roboform (installed) version are:

  • All the features available in the “extension only” version
  • Password audit capability using Roboform’s Security Center
  • Secure sharing of passwords
  • Emergency Access in the event of your death or incapacitation so loved ones and trusted collegues can access your account
  • Local-only Mode
  • Advanced customization capability
  • Import your logins from other password managers, such as KeepassX, -XC, LastPass, DashLane, 1Password, and more
  • Export your Roboform database to a CSV file for safekeeping offline

Now that we have gotten a better idea of what Roboform has to offer and some of the capabilities of the software itself, let’s dive into the plans available to the consumer.

Roboform Personal Plan

Family Plan

The personal plan comes in two forms: Individual and Family. Both forms feature the Roboform Everywhere feature, which allows you to sync your database across all your devices, securely share passwords, access Premium support, and more. The individual plan differs from the family plan in that with the former, you have one database shared across multiple (5) devices, whereas in the latter plan, you can have up to 5 separate accounts (with their own databases) for one low price. You can elect to take the FREE plan that has several basic features also available in the PAID plan, but you lose the ability to sync across devices, perform a Cloud backup of your account, protect your account using 2FA, create secure shared folders, grant emergency access to your account, have Web access, and access to 24/7 support which are available in the PAID plan.

Roboform For Business Plan

Roboform For Business

This plan helps protect all your employees on all the business devices employing an automated password management process. As a small business owner, you can start this plan on a trial basis for 14 days to see if it meets your company and business needs with the ability to cancel at any time at no cost during the trial period.

Plan Costs

FREENo CostNot Applicable
Individual – 1YR$23.88
Individual – 3YR$64.4410%
Individual – 5YR$99.5016%
Family – 1YR$47.75
Family – 3YR$128.8510%
Family – 5YR$199.0016%
Business – 1YR *$1,747.50
Business – 3YR **$4,492.5015%
Business – 5YR ***$6,487.5025%
* 50 Employees @ $34.95; ** 50 Employees @ $89.95; *** 50 Employees @ $129.95

Personal vs. Business Options

Roboform EverywhereRoboform For Business
Password ManagerXX
Password GeneratorXX
Identity FormsXX
Online AccountXX
Secure Folder SharingXX
Two-Factor AuthenticationXX
Dual-Step AuthenticationXX
Password AuditXX
Sync Across All DevicesXX
Centralized Employee OnboardingX
Centralized Policy DeploymentX
Secure Group SharingX
Role-Based Access PermissionsX
Unlimited Number of AdminsX
Additional Two-Factor AuthenticationX
Active Directory IntegrationX
Password Audit For Users and GroupsX
Advanced ReportingX
Dedicated Tech SupportX
Source: Roboform Website (

Support Overview

Roboform offers top-notch customer service & technical support even for FREE accounts. This support comes at no additional cost to the customer. Support is available 24/7/365 for all users. Everywhere subscribers receive priority online support and there is a chat support interface available from 9AM – 5PM EST Monday thru Friday. Support is available through the Help Center, Roboform Users’ Manual, and Online Chat Interface.

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